Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why no one responds to your email

I often get asked by people who i coach, why no one responds to my email. Given that we tend to work in a virtual world we tend to rely on email as a mass communication. On any given day i get get over a hundred emails and I'm not even famous. So the issues becomes, why is your particular email so much more important that the hundreds of others that I'm going to take time to respond.
Assuming that you've got a decent subject header, more on that another time, then there is a reasonable formula you can follow.

Provide evidence of similarity or social connection, eg a mutual problem or contact
Understand the recipients point of view, eg why its in their interest to respond
Why ere they selected, eg a bit of flattery if they're an expert
Be familiar with the subject/topic that the mail is about. No one whats to reply to a mail if the sender has shown no effort to research, you might even get an RTFM response 

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