Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chelsea vs Deming

I always look to sports to study managers, motivation, performance and such like. Sometimes there are some real nuggets of wisdom you can gain by observing.

This week the management merry go roand has kicked in again with the Chelsea sacking of RDM. I dont really want to coment on if he deserved it or if have any sympathy, im sure hes well compensated.

Deming said that all organisations are the product of systems and that 80% of performance is the product of the system. Its true that the system is largely the product of management but i cant see how managers football clubs own the system, and for that matter the portion of the system they do own. They rarely buy players, no influence on remuneration, dont have full control of team selection, once on the pitch the inmates run the asylum.

Sacking the manager and not changing the system will only create the same results,

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