Tuesday, March 13, 2012

on the web 13 march 2012

After listening to the paleo solution podcast I came across the following video on energy systems specifically focussed on martial artists.

im a big fan of the MEBB training tracker with the addition of a diet tracker.

just recently purchased Linchpin by Seth Godin. there is a really cool teaser over on his site

after increasing power in my side kick i've started looking at my roundhouse. the following article hives some useful drills for adding more hip snap.

Martial Artist and top bloke Chris Crudelli posted this on his FB Page. great advice, which i wish id been give 12 years ago.
11 years of travelling the world and a lifetime study of Martial Arts and it's associated warrior cultures helped me be a better dad.

These are my personal 7 rules of fatherhood.

1) Be physical every day.
2) Spend 30 min’s of ‘together time’ a day, every day.
3) Kid’s don’t do wrong, but they can be improved.
4) 'Love’ every single thing they do and say.
5) A good father is strong, clear & consistent.
6) If you shout, smack or criticize you are a bully, if you explain you are a father.
7) Happy dads make happy kids –make some time for your self at least once a week.

Dad's please try them for a week, or better still for life.... and watch how the kids blossom.

since i'm looking at my breaking here's how Chris does it. including Prof Brian Cox too.

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