Tuesday, December 07, 2010

empty that inbox

in an effort to get my inbox down to zero i nicked a bit of VB script. as with anything on the web it doesn't quite work the way i wanted it. this is modified for my folder structure. i then added a button to outlook so that when i press the button it moves the current email to my archive.

red arrow

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

facebook seppuku

facebook has blocked a site that allows users to commit virtual suicide. given FB will reactivate your account if you re log in I think there's a better way

step 1. write your suicide note. and send! you cant leave it on your wall
step 2. delete all your friends
step 3. change your picture and delete any old ones
step 4. change your email to a fake one
step 5. go to a random number generator and get a new password.. one that's easily forgot. DO NOT write it down. copy to clipboard and change your password
step 6. deactivate

you wont be able to reinstate your account cos you wont remember the password and you wont get a new password cos it will be sent to a fake address

simples... you're virtually dead