Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take a job that's a bad fit or hope for a better one? | Adventures in IT - InfoWorld

Info world asks the question should you take a job that doesnt suit given the current climate.

Take a job that's a bad fit or hope for a better one? | Adventures in IT - InfoWorld: "Take a job that's a bad fit or hope for a better one?
Faced with a choice between unemployment and a job that doesn't suit you, there are no easy answers, just uncomfortable trade-offs"

tough question but without a doubt first priority for me is to feed the kids and keep a roof over our heads, even if that means a mcJob. Having said that once the market picks up and you want to get your career on track you need to persuade any prospective employer that your skills are still fresh and you have relevent experience. Creating your own portfolio of work is a great way of doing this and one way to build a portfolio is to do probono work.

Friday, May 22, 2009

it works jim but not as we know it

were looking at static analysis tools at work at the moment. I'm looking at pmd as a way of measuring albeit crudely the entropy of an application after its first delivery. my statistically insignificant sample of 1 change suggest 1% increase. time for a six sigma expert to sort it out :)

this is a great presentation along the same lines

new language

i'm thinking of learning a new language. There are lots to choose from and Italian has an appeal becouse of the work my company does there. Korean is also appealing because of my martial arts. then you could consider the languages of the BRIC countries. if you just want to get a big bang for your book then this ranking of most widely spoken languages on wikipedia is a must

Thursday, January 01, 2009

goal setting part 1

reminder on setting goals