Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Burning Question: Why Can't I Use My Cell Phone on a Plane?

Burning Question: Why Can't I Use My Cell Phone on a Plane?: "Part of it, naturally, comes from the call carriers. When phones ping for signals at 35,000 feet, they can hit hundreds of towers at once, necessitating complicated parsing of roaming agreements. Providers don't want the hassle if they're not being properly compensated, so the government has left the plane ban in place."

from when i worked in telecoms I knew that each time you change location you re register with a HLR system. being in a fast moving object means that you re register too frequently for the networks to cope. I hadnt considered you'd be detected by multiple HLRs.

It did seem that the usual excuse that they interfer with the avionics was a load of tosh else all bin larden and his affliates would have to do is board planes and turn thier phones on and they'd drop out of the sky. if that were true we would be depositing our phones with our liquids in the bin

Skills gap widens as IT is sent offshore - Telegraph

Skills gap widens as IT is sent offshore - Telegraph: "Ann Swain, chief executive of the Association of Technology Staffing Companies, has previously warned: 'The shortage now is of candidates with a few years' experience looking for second and third jobs. But how do you get that experience if entry-level jobs are being sent offshore?'"

Do UK IT graduates need to do their apprentiships offshore? for example instead of the tranditional year out seeing the world should graduates take their first job for Satyam in Bangalore? How would western graduates adjust to the wage and living conditions (no sky+ or heinz beans)?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


ive been using burndowns for quite a while for running my agile projects. this is the best one yet from Mountain goat software..

now all i need is to figure out how to do it in excel