Thursday, April 27, 2006

contract law observation

It is the case under English contract law that something which was left out of a specification but is necessary to the completion of the work and is commonly assumed to be part of such a project must be supplied by the contractor even if the bid submitted and accepted didn't take this specification into account.

also in english law if a client makes it clear what the purpose of the goods is then the supplier must ensure that thier delivery meets the purpose. additionaly if the client does not specify special conditions then the risk passes back to the client

Friday, April 07, 2006

BBC Systems Practice - Managing Complexity

a resource for the open uni and the BBC on systems thinking:

The understanding of a phenomenon within the context of a larger whole; to understand things systemically literally means to put them into a context, to establish the nature of their relationships

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


the PQRST technique is a common study method.
Preview - either skip read or read the summay
Question - ask what are the kwy issues etc
Read - use the questions to guide your reading
self recite - try to recall what you have read
test - make certain you know what you need

Pools of Insight: A Pattern Language for Study Groups

Patterns are everywhere these days. This is a use of patterns for study group. I'm strongly of the opinion that study groups will be a differentiator of top performing and underperforming teams. Teams that have an established practice of learning will not only have better skills and knowledge but will be agile and react to their environment and customer needs.