Friday, February 25, 2005

energisers and energy sappers

I have been reading Kent Becks revised version of XP explained and he's replaced the 40 hour week practice with energised work. This tied in with a section of Sir Clive Woodwards biography that really clicked with me. Clive described how members of his original squad behaved negatively in certain circumstances and when he took them to the Royal Marines training camp they were tagged as people you wounldnt go into battle with.

In a high performance environment its vital that you can rely on your team mates. To know that they can be realized upon and that they will contribute to the optimism of the team. Energy sappers drag the team down with negative comments and actions.

managers need to deal with the SAPPERS

teams need to deal with the SAPPERS

individuals need to be mindful of the comments and actions and how they influence the team

energize work don't SAP it!

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