Tuesday, December 28, 2004


metric collection needs to automated to it to be considered useful.

JavaNCSS - A Source Measurement Suite for Java: "JavaNCSS is a simple command line utility which measures two standard source code metrics for the Java programming language"


the idea of a dashboard will appeal to anyone fancying them selves as a captain. on an xp project the dashboard should display the build status, the stories for the iteration and meaningful code metrics, test coverage etc.
Agitar Software, Enterprise Developer Testing for Java: "Agitar Management Dashboard"

Friday, December 24, 2004

testdriven.com: Your test-driven development community - Web Links

Kent Beck talking about developer accountability and testing. subtopics include CMM5, dashboards, mind mapping and energised work
testdriven.com: Your test-driven development community - Web Links: "Category: Presentations
Kent Beck on Accountability, Developer Testing at Google & Developer Testing Panel [Online video]"

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Albert Einstein Quotes

its not what you know or who you know but what you can dream up

Albert Einstein Quotes: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. -- Albert Einstein"

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Agile Business Coach: Five Dysfunctions of a Team

What makes a team lack accountability, this suggests it lies in the poor standards of the team. In a recent retrospective i held with my team they decided that they wanted team code reviews to maintain the code and standard. one more step along the road to high standards and accountability
Agile Business Coach: Five Dysfunctions of a Team: "The five dysfunctions are:
1. Absence of TRUST (Invulnerability)
which leads to
2. Fear of CONFLICT (Artificial Harmony)
which leads to
3. Lack of COMMITMENT (Ambiguity)
which leads to
4. Avoidance of ACCOUNTABILITY (Low standards)
which leads to
5. Inattention to RESULTS (Status and Ego)"

Friday, December 10, 2004

Frequent Releases

Frequent releases are the heart beat of the company. no software = no product = no revenue

Frequent Releases: "If we're not shipping our software when it's ready, it's poor business practice.
If we're not sure whether our software is ready, it's poor software practice."

Monday, December 06, 2004

Warrior Force: Burpee Conditioning

Burpees are a great form of exercise.. go on try them.. the only thing you could loose is your santa tummy.
Warrior Force: Burpee Conditioning: "To perform a Burpee with a pushup, you will begin in a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you (1). Kick your feet back, while simultaneously lowering yourself into the bottom portion of a pushup. Your arms will not be extended. (2). Immediately return your feet to the squat position, while simultaneously pushing �up� with your arms. You will perform a pushup as you return your feet to the squat position (3). Leap up as high as possible from the squat position (4). Repeat, moving as fast as possible.

Burpee video demonstration - Video will open in new browser. "

tompeters! leadership training development project management

there are loads of lists of key traits for successful people. The mostly come down to learn more and do more than the competition.... and be nice :)

tompeters! leadership training development project management: "Mastery! (Best/Absurdly Good at Something!)
'Manage' to Legacy (All Work='Memorable' /'Braggable' WOW Projects!)
A 'USP'/Unique Selling Proposition (R.POV8: Remarkable Point of View, captured in 8 or less words)
Rolodex Obsession (From vertical/hierarchy/'suck up' loyalty to horizontal/'colleague'/'mate' loyalty)
Entrepreneurial Instinct (A sleepless ... Eye for Opportunity! E.g.: Small Opp for Independent Action beats faceless part of Monster Project)
CEO/Leader/Businessperson/Closer (CEO, Me Inc. Period! 24/7!)
Mistress of Improv (Play a dozen parts simultaneously, from Chief Strategist to Chief Toilet Scrubber)
Sense of Humor (A willingness to Screw Up & Move On)
Comfortable with Your Skin (Bring 'interesting you' to work!)
Intense Appetite for Technology (E.g.: How Cool-Active is your Web site? Do you Blog?)
Embrace 'Marketing' (Your own CSO/Chief Storytelling Officer)
Passion for Renewal (Your own CLO/Chief Learning Officer)
Execution Excellence! (Show up on time! Leave last!)"

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Thinkers 50

Thinkers 50: "The Thinkers 50 2003 provides a completely new ranking, the definitive guide to which thinkers and ideas are in - and which have been consigned to business history. More than that, it offers a unique snapshot of the practices and personalities shaping the world of work and the way we do our jobs. "

Amazon.co.uk: Books: Inventing the Flat Earth: Columbus and Modern Historians

Amazon.co.uk: Books: Inventing the Flat Earth: Columbus and Modern Historians: "Neither Christopher Columbus nor his contemporaries thought the earth was flat. Yet this curious illusion persists today, firmly established with the help of the media, textbooks, teachers, and even noted historians. This is Russell's attempt to set the record straight. He begins with a discussion of geographical knowledge in the Middle Ages, examining what Columbus and his contemporaries actually did believe, and then moves to a look at how the error was first propagated in the 1820s and 1830s and then 'snowballed' to outrageous proportions by the late 19th-century. Russell also discusses why we allow this error to persist. Do we prefer to languish in a comfortable and familiar error rather than discover the truth? "

Friday, December 03, 2004

Some great advice on how to conduct a perfromance review
Software (Management) Process Improvement: "Have a conversation with each person in your group about how the year has gone. Discuss questions like these:

What were the major events of the year?

What have been the major accomplishments?

What new skills have you acquired?

What have been your struggles?

What contributed to those situations?

What insights do you have, looking back on the year?

What are you most proud of?

How does this inform us going into next year?

What do you want to do better?

Are there new areas you want to explore?

What skills or capabilties will you develop?

How can we build developing those capabilities into daily work?

How will we tell you're making progress?"

Thursday, December 02, 2004

keep on reading!

Economist.com: "Books of the year 2004
The year's best books, as picked by our reviewers
Nov 25th 2004

Books by Economist writers in 2004
Writing is what some of us do outside office hours"