Thursday, May 27, 2004

White Crane kung fu - Shaolin Gung Fu Institute: "White Crane kung fu
This kung fu style is Tibetan in origin. The legend of its beginnings is with an old man who would contemplate daily near a pond. One day he was observing a beautiful white stork, when out of the forest came a gorilla. He feared that the ape would destroy the bird, but was amazed by the bird's elusiveness and ability to peck vital parts of the gorilla's anatomy. He thereafter meditated daily upon the bird's actions. One day, two armed robbers attacked him, and without thinking, he defeated them both. When he meditated on his actions, he realized that he had mimicked the movements of the crane. He then set about to study and preserve this knowledge, which today is called the White Crane system.
Major characteristics of this system include wide-armed, wing-like movements, high kicking, and the crane's beak, a hand weapon made by joining the fingertips firmly.
While in its traditional form the White Crane system is rather impractical for modern use, it has undergone various modifications throughout the centuries, and it is today one of the major, revered schools."

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