Tuesday, December 28, 2004


metric collection needs to automated to it to be considered useful.

JavaNCSS - A Source Measurement Suite for Java: "JavaNCSS is a simple command line utility which measures two standard source code metrics for the Java programming language"


the idea of a dashboard will appeal to anyone fancying them selves as a captain. on an xp project the dashboard should display the build status, the stories for the iteration and meaningful code metrics, test coverage etc.
Agitar Software, Enterprise Developer Testing for Java: "Agitar Management Dashboard"

Friday, December 24, 2004

testdriven.com: Your test-driven development community - Web Links

Kent Beck talking about developer accountability and testing. subtopics include CMM5, dashboards, mind mapping and energised work
testdriven.com: Your test-driven development community - Web Links: "Category: Presentations
Kent Beck on Accountability, Developer Testing at Google & Developer Testing Panel [Online video]"

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Albert Einstein Quotes

its not what you know or who you know but what you can dream up

Albert Einstein Quotes: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. -- Albert Einstein"

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Agile Business Coach: Five Dysfunctions of a Team

What makes a team lack accountability, this suggests it lies in the poor standards of the team. In a recent retrospective i held with my team they decided that they wanted team code reviews to maintain the code and standard. one more step along the road to high standards and accountability
Agile Business Coach: Five Dysfunctions of a Team: "The five dysfunctions are:
1. Absence of TRUST (Invulnerability)
which leads to
2. Fear of CONFLICT (Artificial Harmony)
which leads to
3. Lack of COMMITMENT (Ambiguity)
which leads to
4. Avoidance of ACCOUNTABILITY (Low standards)
which leads to
5. Inattention to RESULTS (Status and Ego)"

Friday, December 10, 2004

Frequent Releases

Frequent releases are the heart beat of the company. no software = no product = no revenue

Frequent Releases: "If we're not shipping our software when it's ready, it's poor business practice.
If we're not sure whether our software is ready, it's poor software practice."

Monday, December 06, 2004

Warrior Force: Burpee Conditioning

Burpees are a great form of exercise.. go on try them.. the only thing you could loose is your santa tummy.
Warrior Force: Burpee Conditioning: "To perform a Burpee with a pushup, you will begin in a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you (1). Kick your feet back, while simultaneously lowering yourself into the bottom portion of a pushup. Your arms will not be extended. (2). Immediately return your feet to the squat position, while simultaneously pushing �up� with your arms. You will perform a pushup as you return your feet to the squat position (3). Leap up as high as possible from the squat position (4). Repeat, moving as fast as possible.

Burpee video demonstration - Video will open in new browser. "

tompeters! leadership training development project management

there are loads of lists of key traits for successful people. The mostly come down to learn more and do more than the competition.... and be nice :)

tompeters! leadership training development project management: "Mastery! (Best/Absurdly Good at Something!)
'Manage' to Legacy (All Work='Memorable' /'Braggable' WOW Projects!)
A 'USP'/Unique Selling Proposition (R.POV8: Remarkable Point of View, captured in 8 or less words)
Rolodex Obsession (From vertical/hierarchy/'suck up' loyalty to horizontal/'colleague'/'mate' loyalty)
Entrepreneurial Instinct (A sleepless ... Eye for Opportunity! E.g.: Small Opp for Independent Action beats faceless part of Monster Project)
CEO/Leader/Businessperson/Closer (CEO, Me Inc. Period! 24/7!)
Mistress of Improv (Play a dozen parts simultaneously, from Chief Strategist to Chief Toilet Scrubber)
Sense of Humor (A willingness to Screw Up & Move On)
Comfortable with Your Skin (Bring 'interesting you' to work!)
Intense Appetite for Technology (E.g.: How Cool-Active is your Web site? Do you Blog?)
Embrace 'Marketing' (Your own CSO/Chief Storytelling Officer)
Passion for Renewal (Your own CLO/Chief Learning Officer)
Execution Excellence! (Show up on time! Leave last!)"

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Thinkers 50

Thinkers 50: "The Thinkers 50 2003 provides a completely new ranking, the definitive guide to which thinkers and ideas are in - and which have been consigned to business history. More than that, it offers a unique snapshot of the practices and personalities shaping the world of work and the way we do our jobs. "

Amazon.co.uk: Books: Inventing the Flat Earth: Columbus and Modern Historians

Amazon.co.uk: Books: Inventing the Flat Earth: Columbus and Modern Historians: "Neither Christopher Columbus nor his contemporaries thought the earth was flat. Yet this curious illusion persists today, firmly established with the help of the media, textbooks, teachers, and even noted historians. This is Russell's attempt to set the record straight. He begins with a discussion of geographical knowledge in the Middle Ages, examining what Columbus and his contemporaries actually did believe, and then moves to a look at how the error was first propagated in the 1820s and 1830s and then 'snowballed' to outrageous proportions by the late 19th-century. Russell also discusses why we allow this error to persist. Do we prefer to languish in a comfortable and familiar error rather than discover the truth? "

Friday, December 03, 2004

Some great advice on how to conduct a perfromance review
Software (Management) Process Improvement: "Have a conversation with each person in your group about how the year has gone. Discuss questions like these:

What were the major events of the year?

What have been the major accomplishments?

What new skills have you acquired?

What have been your struggles?

What contributed to those situations?

What insights do you have, looking back on the year?

What are you most proud of?

How does this inform us going into next year?

What do you want to do better?

Are there new areas you want to explore?

What skills or capabilties will you develop?

How can we build developing those capabilities into daily work?

How will we tell you're making progress?"

Thursday, December 02, 2004

keep on reading!

Economist.com: "Books of the year 2004
The year's best books, as picked by our reviewers
Nov 25th 2004

Books by Economist writers in 2004
Writing is what some of us do outside office hours"

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Recruitment: "Recruitment
Individual businesses within the HBOS plc group look after their own recruitment. To look at the variety of positions available within the group please go to the individual sites listed below."

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Orange - Careers - Orange Jobs - Culture: "What's it like to work for Orange? Different people will give you different answers of course, but there are a few things that we'd like to think everyone would comment on. Such as the friendly and welcoming working environment. The emphasis on free thinking. And the encouragement of new ideas."
virgin mobile: "Want to work for the best telecoms company in the country? Well coming to Virgin Mobile website was the right move!

You can apply for our vacancies right here! Just fill in the online form, attach your CV file and submit it by email.

Don't worry about giving us your personal details- they won't be used for anything else!"
Electric Pocket - About Us: "Electric Pocket's vision is to develop connected applications and services that become an integral part of people's lives. Electric Pocket realizes this ambition through a combination of product development and strategic consultancy services. Electric Pocket's current project portfolio includes innovative communication tools, mobile commerce and wireless gaming infrastructures. Electric Pocket are based in the UK (South West) but operate globally. Electric Pocket are always happy to hear from potential partners or organizations who share our vision"
SciSys Career Opportunities: "Working for SciSys is always both challenging and rewarding. We look for hard-working individuals capable of working under their own initiative in a dynamic team. At all stages of your career you will be responsible for the quality of your work. You should be able to work to deadlines, have good inter-personal skills and be flexible as regards moving from project to project and in assimilating new technologies"
ds-s: "Data Systems & Solutions is a Rolls-Royce and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) owned company, with over 900 employees working from offices in the USA, UK, (Derby/Bristol), France and the Czech Republic. By combining domain expertise with core competencies in software engineering, predictive services and information management, Data Systems & Solutions can protect, control and optimize the reliability and availability of high value assets whilst ensuring safe and profitable operations.
Bringing together Rolls-Royce?s world-class engineering and controls expertise with SAIC?s leading systems integration and information technology skills, products and services?Data Systems & Solutions specializes in services to the aviation, defense, energy, process industry and transport markets. "
xenicom: career: overview: "Xenicom is an innovative, entrepreneurial company that thrives through the contribution of its people. We believe in rewarding people for their personal contribution to the success of the company. Our benefits packages are comprehensive and in addition to your basic salary, we also offer: "

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Graham Greene: "English novelist, short-story writer, playwright and journalist, whose novels treat moral issues in the context of political settings. Greene is one of the most widely read novelist of the 20th-century, a superb storyteller. Adventure and suspense are constant elements in his novels and many of his books have been made into successful films. Although Greene was a candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature several times, he never received the award.
'The main characters in a novel must necessarily have some kinship to the author, they come out of his body as a child comes from the womb, then the umbilical cord is cut, and they grow into independence. The more the author knows of his own character the more he can distance himself from his invented characters and the more room they have to grow in.' (Graham Greene in Ways of Escape, 1980) "
J.R.R. Tolkien :: Quotes: "'Most English-speaking people, for instance, will admit that cellar door is 'beautiful', especially if dissociated from its sense (and its spelling). More beautiful than, say, sky, and far more beautiful than beautiful. Well then, in Welsh for me cellar doors are extraordinarily frequent.' ~On the appearance and sounds of words "
Metaphilm - Donnie Darko: "Donnie watches the clouds gather above his house, and then scenes from the movie run in reverse. Donnie is back in his bed on the night of his death. He laughs. He should laugh: he has time traveled, and now he will die�but Gretchen won�t be murdered. His family will weep but the world won�t come to an end at the close of twenty-eight days. He�s sacrificed himself to prove that God exists, that God is indeed sovereign over everything�and if God exists then no one dies alone, it is safe to die, and the world doesn�t have to come to an end. His death does change the future, profoundly, but he laughs because he�s learned that death isn�t the worst thing that can happen to a person, not by half. "

Friday, May 28, 2004

PragDave: "
05 Oct 03 [Kata print link all ]
Code Kata
How do you get to be a great musician? It helps to know the theory, and to understand the mechanics of your instrument. It helps to have talent. But ultimately, greatness comes practicing; applying the theory over and over again, using feedback to get better every time.
How do you get to be an All-Star sports person? Obviously fitness and talent help. But the great athletes spend hours and hours every day, practicing.
But in the software industry we take developers trained in the theory and throw them straight in to the deep-end, working on a project. It?s like taking a group of fit kids and telling them that they have four quarters to beat the Redskins (hey, we manage by objectives, right?). In software we do our practicing on the job, and that?s why we make mistakes on the job. We need to find ways of splitting the practice from the profession. We need practice sessions. "
ChinaFromInside.com presents... Jarek's Chinese Martial Arts Pages: HOME: "Three Fists are recorded in old boxing manuals, however since they have been considered 'Three Treasures' of Xingyiquan, they were taught only to most dedicated disciples and hence most never learnt them. Some simply re-created the techniques on the basis of their practice and experience. As the result the Three Fists are taught differently in various branches of Xinyi and Xingyi. Some understand them as specific techniques, while some as more general concepts."
Economist.com | The threat from al-Qaeda: "Mr Ashcroft admitted having no information on when or where the feared attacks might happen. The Department of Homeland Security said it had no plans to raise its terror-alert level from yellow?signifying an ?elevated? risk of attacks. Some security analysts reacted with scepticism?suggesting that President George Bush and his officials were simply trying to cover themselves in case there is an attack, seeking to avoid a repeat of accusations that they failed to act on intelligence reports ahead of September 11th 2001. Mr Bush's Democratic challenger, John Kerry, accused him of turning homeland security into a ?photo opportunity? for his re-election campaign. "
Economist.com | The threat from al-Qaeda: "Mr Ashcroft admitted having no information on when or where the feared attacks might happen. The Department of Homeland Security said it had no plans to raise its terror-alert level from yellow?signifying an ?elevated? risk of attacks. Some security analysts reacted with scepticism?suggesting that President George Bush and his officials were simply trying to cover themselves in case there is an attack, seeking to avoid a repeat of accusations that they failed to act on intelligence reports ahead of September 11th 2001. Mr Bush's Democratic challenger, John Kerry, accused him of turning homeland security into a ?photo opportunity? for his re-election campaign. "

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Wall of Wonder (WoW) -- which helps software teams produce the kind of
detailed, sharply-defined requirements that effectively guide development.
As an "emergent" deliverable, requirements evolve through exploration
and examination using representative forms such as models and
Copyright Rational Software 2001 http://www.therationaledge.com/content/nov_01/t_wallOfWonder_eg.html
prototypes. A collaborative approach allows business and IT specialists to
explore their requirements through these means, while accommodating
the necessary fluidity of the requirements process.
Napkin Look & Feel: "The Napkin Look & Feel is a pluggable Java look and feel that looks like it was scrawled on a napkin. You can use it to make provisional work actually look provisonal, or just for fun. "
White Crane kung fu - Shaolin Gung Fu Institute: "White Crane kung fu
This kung fu style is Tibetan in origin. The legend of its beginnings is with an old man who would contemplate daily near a pond. One day he was observing a beautiful white stork, when out of the forest came a gorilla. He feared that the ape would destroy the bird, but was amazed by the bird's elusiveness and ability to peck vital parts of the gorilla's anatomy. He thereafter meditated daily upon the bird's actions. One day, two armed robbers attacked him, and without thinking, he defeated them both. When he meditated on his actions, he realized that he had mimicked the movements of the crane. He then set about to study and preserve this knowledge, which today is called the White Crane system.
Major characteristics of this system include wide-armed, wing-like movements, high kicking, and the crane's beak, a hand weapon made by joining the fingertips firmly.
While in its traditional form the White Crane system is rather impractical for modern use, it has undergone various modifications throughout the centuries, and it is today one of the major, revered schools."

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Basic Buddhism Guide: Essential Advice on Meditation: "Meditation is simply a question of being, of melting, like a piece of butter left in the sun. It has nothing to do with whether or not you 'know' anything about it, in fact, each time you practice meditation it should be fresh, as if it were happening for the very first time. You just quietly sit, your body still, your speech silent, your mind at ease, and allow thoughts to come and go, without letting them play havoc on you. If you need something to do, then watch the breathing. This is a very simple process. When you are breathing out, know that you are breathing out. When you breath in, know that you are breathing in, without supplying any kind of extra commentary or internalized mental gossip, but just identifying with the breath. That very simple process of mindfulness processes your thoughts and emotions, and then, like an old skin being shed, something is peeled off and freed."
User Interface Design for Programmers - Chapter 1: "theory of psychology called Learned Helplessness, developed by Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman. This theory, backed up by years of research, is that a great deal of depression grows out of a feeling of helplessness: the feeling that you cannot control your environment."